Raw Bones is a large, lean, rangy  gray wolf with yellow eyes.[1]



  1. Julie; page 153


Raw Bones is a former alpha wolf from another pack that folded into Kapu's pack. Raw Bones is in a relationship with Kapu's mother Silver who's widowed because Kapu's father Amaroq died. Kapu is his packs alpha with Miyak predicted in the first book Julie of The Wolves. Raw Bones and Kapu don't get along and fight for the alpha position even though Raw Bone's won't get it. Raw Bones will not take over the alpha position because Kapu's been a good leader, Kapu's younger than him, and Kapu's physically stronger than him.

Raw Bones
Raw Bones Small
Last Appearance: Julie's Wolf Pack
Past Ranks: Alpha
Current Rank:: Other
Family: Silver (former mate), Nutik (son), Uqaq (daughter), Ice Blink (to-be mate)
Status: Other, Parent, Alpha (Upper Colville River)
Past Packs: Upper Colville River Pack, Avalik Pack
Current Pack: None (ran away to live live as a loner)