Kapu, or Wind Caller, is a muscular black male wolf with black lips.

Last Appearance: Julie's Wolf Pack
Past Ranks: Offspring, Other, Parent, Young Adult
Current Rank:: Alpha
Family: Silver (mother), Amaroq (father), Sister (sister), Zing (brother), Zit (brother), Zat (brother), Nutik (half-brother), Ugag (half-sister), Aaka (mate) Sweet Fur Amy (daughter), Grappler (son), Long Face (son), Nameless Moonlight (daughter), Smiler (son), Black Lips (son), Cotton Grass (daughter), White Toes (daughter)
Status: Alive
Past Packs: Avalik Pack
Current Pack: Unknown New Pack

His father was the great Amaroq, and his mother was Silver. His mate is the beautiful Aaka. Kapu took over position of the alpha male wolf of the Avaliks after Amaroq died. He was the alpha until Jeremy Smith and Dr. Hardy captured Kapu. His daughter Sweet Fur Amy took over the Avaliks after he was captured.

Julie Of The WolvesEdit

In the first book, Julie of The Wolves, an Eskimo girl named Miyak tried to befriend the original wolves (Silver, Amaroq, Kapu, Jello, Nails, and Sister) for food because she was a run away girl from her terrifying husband at 13. Amaroq ignored her but later made signals. Miyak didn't understand these at first but once she did she practiced them and befriended them all. Miyak named them all. She saw the pups play. She named Kapu after her lost father Kapugen and Kapu for short. She said to him (knowing he doesn't understand) that she can see him as a great alpha some day in which he later becomes.

Julie's Wolf PackEdit

Kapu definately has a larger role in Julie's Wolf Pack. After his father's death, Kapu's the new alpha leader. Kapu still has his mother who's getting old in his pack. Kapu's mate is Aaka who joined the pack with Zing as beta. Silver's new mate is Raw Bones, a former alpha wolf from another pack who left and joined because of Silver. Kapu and Raw Bones don't get along due to their alpha instincts and Kapu remains as alpha. Kapu befriends Julie, a young Eskimo girl who befriends the group. Kapu and Aaka have a daughter named Sweet Fur Amy.