Last Appearance: Julie of the Wolves
Past Ranks: Alpha
Current Rank:: Alpha
Family: Silver (mate), Kapu (son), Zit (son), Zat (son), Zing, (son), Sister (daughter), Nails (brother)
Status: Deceased
Past Packs: Example Pack
Current Pack: Example Current Pack
Amaroq is the leader of the pack. He is pitch black. According to Julie, he was her adopted father. He was killed by Julie's father Kapugen, who was hunting in an airplane.

Julie Of The WolvesEdit

Amaroq was the alpha leader of the Avalik Pack. He was married to Silver the alpha female. Their child was Kapu. A yound Eskimo girl, running away from her terrifying husband at 13, Miyax came to their pack for food. Amaroq originally ignored her but gave her signals she didn't understand. Once Miyax realized this she went back to their cave and befriended them. Miyax learned how the wolves interracted with each other to express their moods. Miyax saw how the pups played and especially liked Kapu. She told him (knowing he wouldn't understand) that she can see him being a great alpha one day (in which he later did). She named him Kapu after her lost father Kapugen and she named the others Nails, Jello, and Sister.

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