Aaka is a rime gray she-wolf with yellow-brown eyes.

Aaka Main
Last Appearance: Julie's Wolf Pack
Past Ranks: Other, Young Adult, Parent
Current Rank:: Alpha
Family: Star Gentian (mother), Storm Alarm (father), Kapu (mate), Sweet Fur Amy, (daughter), Grappler (son), Long Face (son), Nameless Moonlight (daughter), Smiler (son), Black Lips (son), Cotton Grass (daughter), White Toes (daughter)
Status: Alive
Past Packs: Lower Colville River Pack
Current Pack: Avalik River Pack



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Julie's Wolf PackEdit

Before Aaka joined the Avalik Pack, she lived in the Lower Colville River Pack. At two years old, Aaka had grown tired of helping care for her mother, Star Gentian, and father's, Storm Alarm pups. She wanted her own. Aaka traveled to the no-wolf land and hid in the adders. She was waiting for Kapu to find her. She had liked him for a long time. Aaka knew a lot about Kapu: how he had struggled with his leadership, and how the Avalik pack was dying. Kapu liked Aaka too. Kapu found her quickly and invited her into his pack, welcoming her along with Zing, the beta. Silver was not pleased. She left to make room for the new female leader and headed to the empty Upper Colville River Pack, where she knew Raw Bones wanted a mate. In March of that same year Aaka became pregnant with Kapu's pups. With Zing and Kapu, they went off to look for den sitings. They trotted many miles to where Kapu and brother Zing had been born; Aaka was not pleased and days later, found a steep embankment on the Avalik River. She fixed her den here. Aaka, Kapu and Zing returned to the site many times in the next two months, building the den. In early June, Aaka crawled into the beautiful whelping den and gave birth. Only a female was born- Sweet Fur. She had not eaten well enough to develop more embryos. All her strength went into making a big, strong pup. She licked and cleaned her pup so much, her pup became Sweet Fur.


  • Aaka has been mentioned as a rime-grey she-wolf.